Open Door Equine: Respecting the Spirit of the Horse

Whether your interest is piqued by the possibility of learning how to ride a horse, training your horse or delving into the miracle of equine-assisted therapy, if you’re a Hoosier in Central Indiana, you’ve come to the right place. Open Door Equine is a company of like-minded equine experts whose common goal it is to bring happiness and fulfillment to all humans and horses that come into their sphere. This place, in short, can help you make your equine hopes and dreams into reality.

Located inĀ  McCordsville, Indiana, a Northeast Indianapolis suburb by the Geist Reservoir, Open Door Equine offers a comprehensive list of services related to human interaction with horses. Horseback riding is a wonderful thing to do in McCordsville’s lush countryside neighborhoods, and one of the finest skills you can give your suburban Indianapolis children.

In this video, you’ll see how a trainer patiently works with a horse at Open Door Equine, to learn its manner and abilities.


The people who run Open Door Equine make it their business to solve your horse-related problems and help you reach your every horse-related goal, no matter how unusual. Perhaps you’re looking to increase your rank in a particular equestrian competition? Possibly you’ve heard about the wonders of Equine Therapy for problems such as amputation adaptation and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Ever hear of Equine Massage Therapy to improve your horse’s performance?

You’ll find an abundance of fascinating equine techniques and tools at Open Door Equine. Take a look at the brief outline below:

Equine Lessons
You can sign up for all types of horseback riding lessons at Open Door Equine, under the categories of Western and English Horsemanship, including Dressage, Western, English, Australian, Flat Seat, Endurance, Side Saddle or Breed Specific. Instruction ranges from true beginners to the truly advanced equestrian. Open Door Equine also makes its facilities available for every client for unassisted practice sessions.

Horses as Therapy
Horseback riding for therapy has proven to be an excellent tool in many kinds of problematic physical and emotional recovery programs. Equine-Assisted Therapy, also called Hippotherapy, is a recognized practice to benefit persons with special needs or disabilities such as long-term convalescent weakness or atrophy, poor balance, PTSD and amputation. Working with a horse provides a surprising source for self-esteem and a general sense of well-being and strength that can heal many negative emotional states.

Horses in Training
Over the years, Open Door Equine has created an exhaustively polished program for horses in training that works to bring out the horse’s greatest potential while respecting the animal’s innate spirit. Full training includes subjects such as ground manners, bathing, clipping, bitting, leading, saddling, sacking out, trailer loading and farrier readiness. Trainers work through well-established routines called Lunging, Round Pen Work, Long Lining, Saddle Introduction and In-Saddle Cuing.

See a horse trainer working with “Dixie” for retraining in this on-site video.


Open Door Equine also offers customizable clinics. Choose from a vast variety of horse training classes, equine drawing and photography, and Equine Massage Therapy.

Open Door Equine
Countryside Stable
5129 N 600 W
McCordsville, Indiana 46055

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