McCordsville Indiana

McCordsville, Indiana is a small town in Central Indiana, one of many that surround the great city of Indianapolis. Others close by are Fortville, Ingalls, Woodbury, Pleasant Acres, Lawrence, Mohawk, Eden and Fishers.

McCordsville had just over 1,000 residents during the 2000 census count, but is one of several towns in the area that have experienced an exponential increase in population. Today its community is estimated to contain at least 4,000 inhabitants including Jim Farley, the bass player for the Indianapolis based celtic rock band Mother Grove .

The town is still young and going through the usual growing pains. McCordsville is within an easy commute to big brother Indy, and the people of this active little burg take full advantage of that fact. It is this proximity, in fact, more than any other single factor, which accounts for most of its astonishing prosperity.

The town maintains an overall policy toward business in general that encourages industry and commerce to settle inside its bounds. Likewise, town caretakers keep an eagle eye on town safety and maintaining security and peace for its residents.