McCordsville Things to Do

McCordsville, Indiana is a tiny town located just northeast of Indiana state capital Indianapolis. With a population of just over 1,000 in the 2000 census, McCordsville is far from the bustling metropolis that its southwestern neighbor is. A relatively young community, McCordsville was officially incorporated in 1988, and still relies on Indianapolis for the majority of its entertainment. But though there may be few unique McCordsville things to do, the town remains a good place to live, work, and play.

The most popular thing to do in McCordsville is taking a trip down to the lights and sounds of the Circle City. Downtown Indianapolis is only a quick car ride away, so younger residents and those wanting to get out of small town America can take a short jaunt down Highway 36 and end up in one of the six Indianapolis cultural districts. Once there, McCordsville residents are free to explore the twists and turns of the motley Indianapolis nightlife scene, explore cutting edge Indianapolis music at the broad sweep of Indianapolis bars, or take in a stunning drama at an Indianapolis theater. Since they’re so close to one of the most artistically minded cities in the Midwest, McCordsville residents are far from uncultured. Their proximity to the Indianapolis arts scene and Indianapolis society means that their small town is virtually an extension of the Indianapolis metropolitan area. As a matter of fact, the bassist for Mother Grove, an Indianapolis band, hails from McCordsville.

The town is too young to have any sort of stunning attractions or venerable historic buildings lining downtown McCordsville, but it does have plenty of delicious dining establishments. If the hearty fare of Indianapolis restaurants seem a bit too far away, consider making a stop at a McCordsville restaurant. Dominant in this young town is the most popular type of restaurant for young people: the pizzeria. The town caters to every type of pizza fan, from the massive slices of New York to the deep dish goodness of Chicago. Diners can enjoy Italian authenticity at Goodfellas Old World Italian Eatery and Bar or take a culinary trip up to the Midway with Chicago’s Pizza. If pizza isn’t your thing, consider treating yourself to the home cooking at the Wagon Wheel Eatery, a McCordsville restaurant where you can find any comfort food your heart desires. A meal at one of these restaurants represents a delicious McCordsville thing to do.

All around the town are sweeping country vistas with lots of foliage, big yards and big streets. In one such neighborhood resides a very special place called Open Door Equine. If you’re looking for a trainer for your horse, horseback riding lessons or even a seminar in drawing horses, you might look these dedicated folks up. The barn’s always open, and it’s a fun thing to do in McCordsville.

McCordsville, Indiana, though far from a bustling activity center like neighboring communities Fortville and Fishers, represents small town simplicity in a region dominated by cosmopolitan diversity. Residents of McCordsville are virtually residents of the Circle City and can take part in most everything Indianapolis has to offer, but they can still come home to their quaint downtown every night. As far as things to do in town go, McCordsville restaurants are plentiful. What these restaurants lack in variety, they make up for in quality. Things to do in McCordsville may be a little limited, but the bright lights of Indianapolis will always be there for all your entertainment needs.

McCordsville Things to Do

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